Oburi when meeting Kanye in the park


15 (Kite), 25 (Kite Liberator)







Oburi is a young boy who was orphaned at a young age, due to his parents being killed. Oburi works for Akai and Kanye, he's an assassin who meets Sawa another young orphaned assassin who'm he meets during one of his missions. He also works at the store as a shop owner. Shortly the two becomes close friends and due to their relationship causes Sawa to gain the emotional strength to leave Akai and Kanye's services.Sawa then waits at Oburi's abandoned loft and waits for his return and says to his cats "be patient my friends, very soon Oburi will come home to us" she hears footsteps creaking up to the door and she looks to the camera saying "Right?"as the screen goes blank with the words A KITE appearing as the credits roll. Oburi returns in "KITE Liberator" under his alias Rin Gaga, and he now works as a police officer.

Personality Edit

Oburi has a kind personality when it comes to his friends,like when Sawa comes to visit him after she came back from her mission when she fell out of a tall building and getting beat by Akai for killing the wrong target,Oburi warmly welcomes her in his house for coffee, Tea or anything to eat or drink and they just talk,he also has a caring personality early in the movie he is shown feeding and housing abandoned cats that live with him. He is also forgiving but when he needs to he can be a cold killer like when he went to go confront Akai with his pocket knife in the bathroom and threatened to take his life but instead he told him that he and Sawa were leaving he and Kanye services.

Appearance Edit

Oburi when first seen wore a white skull cap hat with a green shirt and a white coat over it and wore shorts that came to his knees. He was finally seen wearing a similar style of clothing but a bit different in color, he was shown wearing a blue short sleeved shirt and blue shorts that came to his knees as well with a red line coming down on the sides and a orange hoody under the blue short sleeved shirt. His hair color is blue and has light green eyes.

Relationships Edit

Sawa (very close friends)

Akai (adoptive father)

Kanye (associates)